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Irrigation optimization in Ethiopia: two PhD thesis awardings
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The Thesis is also scientifically interesting for discovering that ground water can infiltrate the lake through many metres of mud. Most models for calculating water flow in lakes consider that there is no water flow through mud.

The author says it is vital to find a compromise in providing drinking water in Ida-Virumaa without completely destroying the lake ecosystems at the Kurtna district. A research toward these compromises has already begun as a cooperation project between the Environmental Board, Tallinn University Institute of Ecology, and the University of Tartu Department of Geology.


On Monday, Davide Ticchi, doctoral student of the School of Governance, Law, and Society of the Tallinn University, defended his doctoral dissertation in which he focused on narrative therapy as a fac Doctoral students who begin their studies at Tallinn University in the academic year — can apply for a Doctoral scholarship of euros per month. Currently, the national Doctoral allowance i Contact person: Dr.

Water Resources Engineering Requirements

Researchers involved are Professor Ronny Berndtsson , Dr. Linus Zhang and Prof. Lars Bengtsson.

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Research is carried out in close co-operation with several national and international universities. Contact person: Professor Ronny Berndtsson.

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In the last decade focus has shifted towards modelling of estuaries and coastal lagoons. Contact person: Professor Magnus Larson.

Irrigation optimization in Ethiopia: two PhD thesis awardings

Climate change is a cross-cutting issue through almost all other research areas. Thus, in addition to the specific topics listed above, there is a climate change component in most of our research topics. Contact person: Professor Hans Hanson.

Water quality is important, but can be hard to define. It encompasses microbiological and chemical safety of water, but also the smell, taste and appearance of water. A list of Waterways degrees is available in our brochure here PDF, kb International students interested in undertaking postgraduate study through Waterways should first go through the admissions offices at the University of Canterbury , or Lincoln University. Forms for current WCFM students are available here.

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This course is held at each campus in alternate years: in it will be held at Lincoln University. A week-long block course - each day.

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Swedish University dissertations (essays) about WATER RESOURCES MANAGEMENT PHD THESIS. Search and download thousands of Swedish university. Development of an agricultural water availability index and its application under . Ph. D. dissertation submitted to the University of Natural Resources and.

In the coures will be held starting August 24 through August 28, at Lincoln University during midterm break. There will be some assessments and an exam scheduled later in Semester 2. ENGE Applied Hydrogeology Semester 1 UC only Nature and occurrence of groundwater, various techniques for resource evaluation, contaminant transport issues, and a brief introduction to groundwater modelling.

Semester 1 Freshwater resource definition, characterisation, use, and impacts of exploitation and their management or mitigation.


Semester 1 Available only to Water Resource Management postgrads, this course prepares students for undertaking a research thesis, covering how to communicate research results and information effectively in different forums and to different audiences. Human impacts on terrestrial water storage signals were evident in the validation with GRACE satellite observation, altering the seasonal and inter-annual variability over heavily regulated and intense irrigated basins. Application of ATES, instead of traditional heating and cooling installations, reduces primary energy consumption and related CO2 emissions. It includes information on rainfall interception, evaporation and stream runoff, as well as the associated fluxes of nutrients. Modelling step formation and collapse in steep streams.