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Three Alternatives for All in One SEO Pack Plugin

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Log in. JavaScript is disabled. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Thread starter Bishop Start date Dec 11, Bishop Member. Joined Oct 22, Messages Hope this question has not been asked before, what do you think is the best Local Seo wordpress theme?

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Add customizations to any hook in WordPress and any hook-enabled theme or plugin from within Imports SEO data from Thesis to All in One SEO Pack. Support» Plugin: All in One SEO Pack» Disable Theme head tags We use the Thesis 2 theme and it places its own head tags for description and keywords.

I need a theme that is best optimized to rank locally. Thank you! Linda Buquet. Joined Jun 28, Messages 13, Don Campbell, who used to work with Microsoft and now specializes in local has the best one I know of. I've seen tons of his client sites that rank high. More info about it at the top of my " Tools Page ". Joined Jun 28, Messages 2, I'm not certain there is a "best" WordPress theme for Local SEO, especially in view of the ongoing debate as to whether it's better to have SEO built into the theme or into a plug-in.

However, the Thesis theme, the Genesis theme. Or there's the one Linda mentions above I was composing mine while she posted. For awhile I was collecting links to clients of Dons that use the small biz theme that ranked in the A spot.

When I was doing research for other clients, I would sometimes find them at the top of the pack. Can't find the list now, but there is a ton of info on his site. I just don't know if he "lives" local like Don does, but I've heard good things about it. Dustybones 1.

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Joined Aug 7, Messages The DIYthemes will also be releasing Thesis add-ons including packages, boxes, and skins that will help you quickly build beautiful websites. WordPress by default is one of the most search engine friendly blogging platforms out there. What does that all mean? It means that your customers are going to find you a lot easier. Thesis is very clean and presents your content well, it uses a clean code structure, canonical urls, and the like. As of 2. But, much of the same functionality can easily be replaced by using a container box in the skin editor. Some of these are:.

Full support for WordPress 3. These figures are important to keep track of for anyone who is optimizing their site. Also important is the use of the all-important favicon , which can now be uploaded simply in the new HTML Head editor. A big win for Thesis and future upgrades are FREE, also if you have any questions about the theme, Chris and the Thesis community is really good at helping you out.

I checked out the forum — Chris and his team have been answering all the questions they have been asked and have gone out of their way to really help people customize their sites. After playing with Thesis 2. With that said, the interface for Thesis 2. Unfortunately, the DIYthemes team did not include any documentation with the launch of Thesis 2.

The plugins:

This has left many developers out in the wind trying to figure out how to use the new 2. There is still a ton of support from the community, which is keeping me on board. But, until documentation is released, I have decided to lower the rating on Thesis 2.

The Thesis WordPress Theme has definitely impressed me. Is it worth it?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) in Headway

In my opinion, YES! That meant more that MORE people would be finding me. And not just more people… but the right kind of people, people who where actually interested in what I was writing about. So if you think that having a solid, flexible, straight forward WordPress Theme with an entire community of supporters, is important to you.

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Once you have installed Thesis… come right back. I started a series on customizing it. Home Title: Enter your Home page title here otherwise your default blog title will be used so make sure you have set one or the other and use a keyword which describes the overall topic of your site. Home Description: Enter a unique description here describing the different content on your site.

All In One SEO Plugin and Thesis

No 2 permalinks will the same preventing duplicate content penalties from the search engines like Google. Rewrite Titles: Checking this box will set all page, post, category, search and archive page titles to be rewritten. If you do check this box, you can edit the templates for each tag to your liking. All in one Seo offers a range of custom title formats tags tom choose from if you want to customize your Seo rather than use the default settings.

The above screen shows the default title tag formats however you may want to consider changing to these recommended settings.