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Documentary about 1939 Nazi rally in New York up for Oscar

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Of course, it helps that the crackerjack comedy team one of whom is an avowed Criterion fanatic launched the antho…. The brothers did not set out to make a portrait of these two incredible woman; they stumbled on their subjects accidentally. Originally they had been contacted by Lee Radziwell and her sister, Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, to make a documentary about their lives growing up in the Bouvier family—which included the eccentric cousins in the Hamptons.

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In the midst of doing the research for the commissioned film, the Maysles realized the far more interesting story would be the Beales. So, they dropped the Radziwell film and proceeded to make Grey Gardens. She was gorgeous by any standard and grew up surrounded by wealth and privilege.

A New Documentary About a Nazi Rally in New York City

She had a wildly creative streak and could have married many times over, but she never did. Her early attachment to her mother evolved into a mutual dependency, which was responsible in part for their gradual isolation and their deplorable living conditions when the Maysles brothers first encountered them.

Little Edie was a mesmerizing character of many talents. She embraced being filmed with a vengeance, as though she knew this might be her last chance at immortality and fame. In spite of the initial critical ambivalence, the documentary found an avid following and spawned a Tony Award-winning Broadway musical and an HBO movie starring Jessica Lange and Drew Barrymore.

It never slid completely out of our cultural consciousness and thanks to The Criterion Collection , we now have this beautiful, carefully restored, Blu-Ray Edition, richly complemented by supporting material that includes a new 2K digital film restoration of The Beales of Grey Gardens , a follow-up to the original film; an audio commentary of Grey Gardens with Albert Maysles, Hovde, Meyer and Froemke; an introduction to The Beales of Grey Gardens by Maysles; audio excerpts from a interview with Little Edie Beale; interviews with fashion designers Todd Oldham and John Bartlett on the continuing influence of Grey Gardens ; behind-the-scenes photographs; trailers; and an essay by Hilton Als, staff writer at The New Yorker.

In viewing this edition, I found the color quality stunning. By comparison, my more than year-old memory of the film seemed to be in black and white, or perhaps it was the bleak quality of the trapped relationship between mother and daughter that made its impression in shades of grey. Estimates vary, but its dues-paying membership did not top 25, However, it was allied with the Christian Front, an organization inspired by the notorious anti-Semitic demagogue Father Charles Coughlin.

The Christian Front helped turn out a capacity crowd of almost 20, people. The night begins with marchers filing in with dozens of American flags and then standing before a huge backdrop of George Washington. The main speaker is Fritz Kuhn, a naturalized German immigrant and head of the Bund.


Then one man , year-old Isadore Greenbaum, rushes the stage. At some point, as the New York police grab Greenbaum and hustle him offstage, his pants are pulled down.

Kuhn smirks, and the audience erupts in glee. Years before, Thompson had been the Berlin bureau chief for the New York Post, and covered the rise of fascism before she was expelled from Germany in By now, I think I know.

The Plot: A short documentary on a community garden

It appeals to a certain type of mind. But it had happened.

The Newton Commoners Plot for Renewing Community

Some "children's films" are only for children. Phelan Beale. Leone, Mark P. Dissolve with us into this howling mass of protoplasm, and you will be responsible for nothing. Tomatoes is a free food-sharing garden in Surrey BC, Canada which connects generations, diverse cultures and socio-economic groups through fresh food, art, culture and a shared sense of wonder of the natural world.

It had simply dropped out of history. There were two remarkable things about it.

Festival Program

First, much of it was 35 mm, rather than the standard 16 or 8 mm for newsreels, so the images are surprisingly high-quality. Second, everything captured inside Madison Square Garden appears to have been shot by the Bund itself. Curry took the footage and used it to assemble a film that is crafty in the extreme. There are no talking head historians or narration to tell you what to feel. Instead, it leaves you with the space to decide how to feel about it for yourself.

Then he does a joyful jig, rubs his hands together, and performs his dance again. Dissolve with us into this howling mass of protoplasm, and you will be responsible for nothing. However, for this potential to come to fruition requires specific people making specific decisions at specific times. What was it?

I went on a long walk and tried unsuccessfully to figure it out.