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Study of the Effectiveness of Online Marketing on Integrated Marketing Communication

This has made it easy for the service providers to directly provide information to their potential clients.

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The impact of e-marketing on tourism has also been experienced with respect to costs. Alvarez and Ratu have concluded that an appropriately planned and efficiently targeted e-marketing campaign can assist tourism businesses reach target clients at a much lower cost when compared to the traditional marketing approaches. This is evidenced by the various performance reports of many tourism firms that have experienced increased profitability due to e-marketing strategies Nykeil This can be linked to the fact that the internet has enabled the firms to deal directly with their customers without the constraints of geographical borders Rana In this case, it is clear that the reduction in cost through the process of automation and utilisation of electronic media has become one of the benefits arising from the practise of e-marketing.

This therefore presents a strong entrepreneurial case in terms of cost-saving, especially in the areas of costs associated with transactions, customer services, print distributions and digital media channels.

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Another study also found out that e-marketing is ideally suited to tourism Polat In this case, the researcher argues that it enables tourism firms to develop online brochures that are able to deliver rich multimedia contents, blending text, video, sound and images into multimedia documents and documentaries to overcome the intangible nature of tourism products Polat Using videos to market tourism products online provides potential travellers with the visual nature of various tourism destinations.

The impact of this is that a number of tourism firms have managed to experience a surge in the number of travellers they receive in their destinations.

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With respect to social media, scholars have identified different types that have been used by different tourism firms. Personal pages allow friends and relatives to share information and contents, and communicate with one another. The examples of social media include Facebook and MySpace. Another type that has been mentioned in various journals and other literature includes blogs. The overall impact of the social media is that it has enabled the tourism firms to interact with customers at personal levels.

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Get Started. About ScienceDirect Remote access Shopping cart Advertise Contact and support Terms and conditions Privacy policy We use cookies to help provide and enhance our service and tailor content and ads. Companies should create innovative customer experiences and specific strategies for media to identify the best path for driving up digital marketing performance. For consideration, candidates must write a 1,word essay describing how social networking is good for society, how mobile apps are changing customer service, how Internet marketing influences business, or the benefits of using eCommerce websites. Through digital media, consumers can access information any time and any place where they want. The examined sample consists of one hundred fifty firms and fifty executives which have been randomly selected to prove the effectiveness of digital marketing.

Consequently, this has resulted in more customers. A number of studies have also been done about the use of Search Engine Optimisation by various tourism firms. In this respect, it is argued that writing fun and interesting articles that relate to travel is relatively easy Bush ; Lorber In relation to the findings of the research studies, writing fascinating articles about unusual travel regions or localities or unknown travel issues permits tourism firms to produce supplementary targeted traffics to their company websites.


It is also evident that indexing and positioning the written promotional articles on the major search engines lets tourism websites to target niche terms and hence obtain customers across the board; the customers often have diverse, but directed, interests. While contents are crucial for any e-business, they constitute a significant tool for e-marketing for tourism products.

Many tourism firms have managed to attract more customers through creating interesting contents about travel destinations and providing accurate and attractive information Sangpikul Studies have also found out that RSS feeds have greatly impacted the tourism industry in terms of marketing Sangpikul According to scholars, Rich Site Summary feeds have empowered the sharing of comparable data and information among tour and travel agencies, airlines and hotels throughout the world Sangpikul This claim is justifiable due to the fact that the tourism industry is very complex; it is complex because the players in the industry depend on one another for business sustenance Sangpikul For instance, tourism service providers need to liaise with hoteliers, transport companies and accommodation service providers in order to provide a wholesome package of services Sangpikul Therefore, the sharing of information and data has enabled the tourism industry players to cooperate in service provision.

It is important to note that travellers often need the convenience of getting all the necessary travel services as single packages.

Therefore, through e-marketing, the tourism industry players have been able to convincingly inform their potential customers about the range of services available to them. The consequence of this has been an increased number of visitors travelling to various destinations of choices. Importantly, Destination Management Systems represent another important dimension of e-marketing of tourism products.

A further analysis of the available information shows that Destination Management Systems have been used as links between, on one hand, tourism products, offers and suppliers with, on the other side, consumers and intermediaries so as to allow easy access in relation to destination information and final purchase of tourism products.

In the current times, there many travellers and potential travellers who look for travel information through the internet. In most cases, they utilise the internet-based portals that are developed through the Destination Management Systems. It is worth pointing out that the systems, as e-marketing strategies, sometimes provide dynamic packaging to customers. A dynamic packaging has been defined as the process of combining different travel components that are bundled and price in real time in response to the request of customers or booking agents.

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In this case, it is possible for tourism service providers to pre-screen the clients who visit their websites. Nonetheless, while at a website, a customer is able to provide his or her feedback. The feedbacks from customers who visit the websites provide a mine of data that can be studied by the tourism service providers with a view of making sense of the trends in the data. Online marketing basically is every marketing activities that takes place on the internet. Jennifer noted that online marketing can be reffered as any promotional activities of the organisation that uses internet to deliver the message to the consumers or the general public.

Online marketing can be of different form including e-mail marketing, display advertising different form of banner advert , search engine marketing, mobile advertising, social media advertising, among others. Online marketing involves two principal parties, the publisher who provide the other party, the advertiser platform to advertise its products or services on its content Jennifer R.

Online marketing is all marketing activities carried out online to reach the customers as opposed to the traditional way of reaching the customer like print media, sales promotion, adverts on tv and on radio Goldfarb, Weinstein observed that online marketing is the promotion of organisation products through digital or electronic platform. The objective is to establish a strong image of the organisation products and services in the mind of the consumers persuading the consumer to become organisation brand loyalist.

At this period, online marketing was not really seen as advertising medium but rather a means of sharing e-mails, digitals information and organising organisation profile and customers. Advertising agencies then started incorporating different banners and ads regarding organisation products and services in their publications. Search engine like Google, Yahoo, Amazon, Ask. A major shift occurs again with the introduction of blogging, and relational based marketing, small entrepreneurs are able to publish different contents that interest the public, attract visitors across the globe and are rewarded for the traffic by advertising agnecies.

Online advertising therefore create significant opportunity to several individuals to earn living at the confort of their home while organisation are able to reach large targeted audience at minimized cost of advertising compared to the formal traditional offline advertising.

Evaluating the impact of e-Marketing on Businesses

Online advertising are of various categories as will be discussed below. There are various medium as noted earlier that marketing can be carried out on the internet. In this sub-section we shall evaluates few of the categories and there success stories. This is the earliest form of advertising on the internet and still remain among the most popular advertising tool employed in the internet especially in blogs and non-advertising agencies website.

It is a type of advertising platform that incorporate the advertising company message in the form of text, image, animation, videos, logos and other enticing graphic that easily capture the attention of the consumers. Display advertising as noted by Pawar target consumers or audience with similar traits and needs to appeal to their needs thereby increasing advertising impact.

Advertising agencies rely so much on cookies which are unique information collected based on the history of individuals browsing therbey making it easy to target and serve the Customers with adverts from organisation they often visits. Display advertising can be in various form. This happen to be the most relevant and popular display advertising platform.

Banner ads are often displayed on the web page and its comes in rich format of different color and size. It incorporate not just image which is the most popular, it also comes in the form of video, audio, animation button, logos and many others.

Secondly, the extent of interaction with the ads click through rate, CTR. The author noted further that empirical findings have revealed that the higher the size of banner ad, the better the ad perform in terms of conversion rate. Though, the author was unable to highlight whether the asssertion is true for placing the banner at all section of the website.

Though appear to be annoying sometimes, it still appear to be the most effective display advertising tools. A pop-up is described as a new web page displayed above the current web page the internet user is surfing currently. This could be pop-up under where the advert is displyed in a new web page below the one currently being surfed or pop-in where the content the internet user is seeking is blurred or temporarily blurred to pave way for the advert.

There are other several display ads that worth mentioning including, floating ads which float over the web page for some temporal period or closed by the website user. Another one is what is refrred as trick ad where the individuals are being tricked into clicking the advert because of where it placed or mixing it with the content the user is surfing. Though, it has high conversion rate but its impact on advertiser revenue is minimal. Another popular ad is that of text ad which uses text or text phrase to advertise and is linked to the advertiser content.

This kind of advertising is common among the search engine organisations like Google, Yahoo, Yandex, Ask. The search engine organisation normally places ads along with the result to differentiate it from the non-sponsored SERPs. It is one of the most prominent and highly profitable advertising platform for organisation that provide specific services.


Thesis on E-marketing - Free download as Word Doc .doc), PDF File .pdf) or read online for free. I, the undersigned would like to declare that this paper is solely presented for the dissertation works titled as “A Study of The Impact of Electronic Marketing on.

Most internet users that visited the web page are likely to demand for the organisation service if the ads content is well placed. As observed by Rappaport search engine advertising effectiveness depends on the proper capturing of the message displayed in the search engine. The word buy has already inform the buyer that visiting the website should be based on the desire need to buy the phone.

Social media advertising has become one of the most popular advertising platform with facebook being a leading advertising earners in the world after Google Ovijidus, Pawar observed that social media advertising is the promotion of organisation products and services in social media handle. Organisation can pay for sponsor ads in social media or simply keep on updating their social media handle to increase interaction among customers in the social media handle.

The author noted further that social media has gone through stages of development in the past few years and it is expected that its growth will stabilize over time. The success of social media in advertising organisation products and services depend to a large extent the proper understanding of what appeal most to the social media users. In fact, Goldfarb noted that social media updates of the organisation should be well enticing and appealling to convert the needed traffic the organisation is seeking.

E-mail marketing appear to be one of the most sucessful platform of advertising an organisation products and services. It invloves sending customers subscribers e-mail regarding the organisation products based on their previous browsing history. Organisation like Amazon - the online e-commerce giant have over the years utilize this particular marketing tools to increase repeat purchases of their products.

The organisation design a customized e-mail to its customers based on their past browsing and purchases history. Products and services are purely recommended to individuals based on the past history Short, The advantage of this process is that it reduces the annoying nature of the e-mail to the consumers as they are actually served with what they need and it act more like a reminder. Short noted that while preparing e-mail marketing the organisation should have in mind that they are educating their customers or prospective customers about their products and services and as such must be rich and detailed.

It should be able to highlight the organisation key strategic offer Pawar, Blogging has overtime become one of the most popular form of marketing organisation products online. Recently, marketing experts as well as SEO experts started advocating for organisations to incorporate blog into their website where they will discuss the organisation products. The argument is that when people seek for information regarding a keyword concerning the organisation products, Google will index the organization URL in their search result thereby advertising the organisation product invariably.

An organization blog provide the organisation with unique opportunity to interact with its customers, learn more about the customers buying behaviors, provide the customers with detail information about the organisation products and services. The fact that blog enable consumers to easily comment about organisation products and services, organisation work hard to keep their products and services at the highest quality thereby providing more value to the customers.

Freelancers have equally used blog for advertising purposes. They publish contents and provide space for advertisers to advertise to their reading audience and have become among the leading source of income online. It is all marketing activities displayed through wireless devices like smart phone, tablets among others. Google still remain the largest mobile marketing earner Ovijidus, The advert may take the form of static or rich disply ads.

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With the rise in mobile users throughout the world, mobile adverts have become one of the unformidable advertising platform" Several Apps developers are making million of dollars from their Apps and spend a lot to advertise the Apps.