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Mass media which is also called the sword-arm of democracy, commands awe and respect of nation as well as individuals it is the most effective instrument which has the potential to bring about the downfall of the despot rulers of the world. It is the most powerful investigative machinery that exposes the injustice, oppression, partiality and misdeeds of society.

In a materialist world of today in which everybody is hankering after power and prosperity and indulging in every kind of malpractices, it is media which brings all these things to notice and make public opinion against them. It creates public awareness. Today, when politicians are abusing their power and privileges and looting their countries, the evil nexus of mafia and crime syndicates is adding to human misery and where ordinary human beings have been reduced to such helplessness that they can do nothing except being silent spectators, the role of mass media assumes greater significance.

It is when the media champions the cause of have-nots and acts as the supervisor of their rights and privileges. It is due to these roles of media that it has been called the fourth pillar of democracy. In a country like India where the percentage of poverty and illiteracy is high radio serves as the best means of mass media. Through this even the uneducated can have access to the world of knowledge and information.

It is one of the means of mass media that is useful for both literate and illiterate. Being the cheapest means as well even a man of low income group can afford it. It has been found in remote areas of the country that a single radio set serves the entire village. It has been instrumental in bringing an end to the oppressive regimes of cruel rulers.

Essay on The Media and Its Responsibilities

It has unearthed political scandals, kickbacks received by highly placed men. In India from Hawala to Nether case, role of mass media has been highly commendable.

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Free Essay: Mass Media: A platform to give strength to the weak or a loaded gun in the hands of humanity? “The media's the most powerful. Free Essay: The Media and Its Responsibilities SOC and means the means of communication, as radio and Television, newspapers, and.

The heinous crimes of Nether could be exposed due to active role of media. It was the media which exposed the cruel face of the police in fake counter killing of Sohrabuddin Sheikh and his wife Rukhsana. Moreover, editors and writers of articles expose the excessive of men and power. Thus, they serve the society by ensuring justice to those victimised by the government machinery. In the course of ensuring the fairness and solemnity of their job, the upholders of justice and humanitarian causes have to bear the brunt of humiliation, torture and imprisonment.

Often they have to sacrifice their lucrative jobs to uphold certain cherished principles. The power of mass media, particularly the visual media is awful. No one, howsoever powerful he may be, can effectively combat it. Nobody can deny the power of media.

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Mass media, specially TV is a media so powerful that it can instantly mould public opinion, bring far-reaching policy reversals of governments and even push into seats of power little known personalities after boosting their election prospects with the most effective use of its image-making. But there is no denying the fact that media sometimes does much harm to international relations and harmony with its biased and motivated coverage.

This potential for mischief of media is attributed to the fact that media is controlled by media barons, corporate giants, industrial houses and government wielding dictatorial powers. Often the media lords use the power of media to serve their own ends which are always at odds with humanitarian considerations, at times leading to fuel fires of hatred, strife and anarchy, instead of spreading the message of love and brotherhood. Those media men seeking short-cut to name and fame act for them, neglecting the sanctity of their profession.

Sometimes media persons work hand in glove with political leadership, bureaucrats and other influential persons. Naturally, their write-ups and editorials are motivated. They through their write-ups justify all acts of mission and commission of their patrons and proteges. These changes reflect broader transformations occurring among tech giants to increase their transparency.

As indicated by the Ranking Digital Rights Corporate Accountability Index, most large internet companies have reportedly become relatively more forthcoming in terms of their policies about transparency in regard to third party requests to remove or access content, especially in the case of requests from governments. This 14 million USD investment by groups including the Ford Foundation and Facebook was launched in so its full impact remains to be seen. It will, however, complement the offerings of other networks such as the International Fact-Checking Network launched by the Poynter Institute in which seeks to outline the parameters of the field.

Media technology has made viewing increasingly easier as time has passed throughout history. Children today are encouraged to use media tools in school and are expected to have a general understanding of the various technologies available. The internet is arguably one of the most effective tools in media for communication tools such as e-mail , Skype , and Facebook have brought people closer together and created new online communities. However, some may argue that certain types of media can hinder face-to-face.

Therefore, it is an important source of communication.

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In a large consumer-driven society, electronic media such as television and print media such as newspapers are important for distributing advertisement media. More technologically advanced societies have access to goods and services through newer media than less technologically advanced societies. In addition to this "advertising" role, media is nowadays a tool to share knowledge all around the world. Analysing the evolution of medium within the society, Popkin [20] assesses the important role of media, by building connection between politics , culture and economic life and the society: for instance periodical newspaper has been an opportunity to first advertise and second to be up-to-date with current foreign affairs or the nation economic situation.

In the mean time, Willinsky [21] was promoting the role of modern technology as a way to come across cultural, gender, national barriers. He saw in internet an opportunity to establish a fair and equal system of knowledge: as internet may be accessible to anyone, any published information may be read and consulted by anyone. Therefore, internet is a sustainable solution to overcome the "gap" between developed and developing countries as both will get a chance to learn from each other.

Canagarajah [22] is addressing the issue of unbalanced relations between the North and South countries, asserting that Western countries tend to impose their own ideas on developing countries.

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Therefore, internet is way to re-establish balance, by for instance enhance publication of newspaper, academic journal from developing countries. Christen [23] is the one who created a system that provide access to knowledge and protect people's customs and culture.

Indeed, in some traditional societies, some genders cannot have access to a certain type of knowledge therefore respecting these customs limit the scope of dissemination but still allow the diffusion of knowledge. Within this process of dissemination, media would play a role of "intermediaries", that is say translation an academic research into a journalistic format, accessible by lay audience Levin [24].

Consequently, media is a modern form of communication aiming at spreading knowledge within the whole world, regardless any form of discrimination. Media, through media and communications psychology , has helped to connect diverse people from far and near geographical location. It has also helped in the aspect of on-line or Internet businesses and other activities that have an on-line version.

All media intended to affect human behavior is initiated through communication and the intended behavior is couched in psychology. Therefore, understanding media and communications psychology is fundamental in understanding the social and individual effects of media. The expanding field of media and communications psychology combines these established disciplines in a new way. Timing change based on innovation and efficiency may not have a direct correlation with technology. The information revolution is based on modern advancements.

During the 19th century, the information "boom" rapidly advanced because of postal systems, increase in newspaper accessibility, as well as schools "modernizing". These advancements were made due to the increase of people becoming literate and educated. Biases in the media that affects religious or ethnic minorities takes the form of racism in the media and religious bias in the media. In the last century, a revolution in telecommunications has greatly altered communication by providing new media for long distance communication.

The first transatlantic two-way radio broadcast occurred in and led to common communication via analog and digital media:.

Modern communication media now allow for intense long-distance exchanges between larger numbers of people many-to-many communication via e-mail , Internet forums , and teleportation. On the other hand, many traditional broadcast media and mass media favor one-to-many communication television, cinema , radio, newspaper , magazines , and also social media. Electronic media usage is growing, although concern has arisen that it distracts youth from face-to-face contact with friends and family. Research on the social engagement effect is mixed. Young people in particular took advantage of the social side of the Internet.

Electronic media now comes in the forms of tablets, laptops, desktops, cell phones, mp3 players, DVDs, game systems, radios, and television.

Technology has spiked to record highs within the last decade, thus changing the dynamic of communication. The spike in electronic media really started to grow in when the release of the first iPhone came out. The term media has achieved a broader meaning nowadays as compared to that given it a decade ago. Earlier, there was multimedia, once only a piece of software application software used to play audio sound and video visual object with or without sound.

In modern terms, the term "media" includes all the software which are used in PC computer or laptop or mobile phone installed for normal or better performance of the system; today, however, hard discs used to increase the installation capacity of data of computer are an example of electronic media. This type of hard disc is becoming increasingly smaller in size. The latest inclusion in the field is magnetic media magnetic stripe whose application is common in the fastest growing information technology field. Modern day IT media is commonly used in the banking sector and by the Income Tax Department for the purpose of providing the easiest and fastest possible services to consumers.

In this magnetic strip , account information linking to all the data relating to a particular consumer is stored. The main features of these types of media are prepared unrecorded blank form , and data is normally stored at a later stage as per the requirement of its user or consumer. Games are a medium used to transfer messages.