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The teachers spend weeks in preparing a cultural programme for us.

This year the programme was very good and we children loved every minute of it. A group of teachers dressed in colorful sarees sang a welcome song.

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Then there was a very funny parody teaching us. After that our teachers danced to a Punjabi folk song.

But the best item of all was a short skit that they staged. To our surprise, we saw a group of nine or ten young teachers running up to the stage in the school uniform.

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They showed a typical classroom scene in which all the student are talking and the teacher is scolding them. It made us realise how much we really pester our teachers in the classroom.

It also made us laugh till our sides ached. The second squad, mostly girls, visits the slums. They not only clean the slums but also give bath to children of the slums.

They comb their hair and dress them neatly with the new dress which they had collected earlier. The third squad in charge of sports conducts sports and games competitions for all children of the village.

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The fourth squad in charge of the cultural games goes around the village singing patriotic songs. This squad also carries placards on health, family planning and education. In the evening all the students meet once again and the day ends with a cultural show and distribution of prizes.

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Even teachers participate in many programs and competitions. I also think that we do not need a specific day to celebrate love or childhood. Write an application to the Principal requesting him to allow you to play a friendly match. The Indian council of child welfare looks after the celebration of the day. Your email address will not be published.

Balbhavans are also well equipped with libraries, games indoor as well as outdoor facilities , film shows, museum, aquarium, swimming pool, etc. In cities Balbhavans serve the children throughout the year.

380 Words Essay on Children’s Day (free to read)

The schools can become members and make use of the facilities. The U.

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In India nearly 16 million children who should be going to school are now working in various factories and institutions as child labour.