Phd thesis on environmental management

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With an MPhil or PhD degree from Middlesex University, you'll make a positive impact on society, the environment and the economy through rigorous investigation and research. A Director of Studies and at least one second supervisor from the University will conduct your research supervision.

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Often, an external supervisor is also involved. Your supervisors will act as personal tutors, helping you to clarify your initial objectives, structure your research and develop supplementary skills. They also advise on subject reading, relevant taught courses, research seminars and workshops. Academic support and guidance is constantly available, whether you work individually or as part of a team. There are regular research tutorials, plus seminars and meetings with research students, staff and guest speakers.

If you're working in partnership with an external organisation, you may be jointly supervised by academics from Middlesex University and the collaborating partner.

Where collaboration is involved, you should make sure that from the outset the responsibilities for provision of fees, equipment and any other resources are fully understood and accepted by the partners. You may undertake a programme of research in which your own work — such as a report — forms, as a point of origin or reference, a significant part of the intellectual enquiry and is presented for examination. The work is always undertaken as part of the registered research programme — and the standards are the same as those applied where the work is totally by thesis. This programmes will cover the area of values-based decision-making, especially in the fields of:.

To find out more about the qualifications we accept from your country please visit the relevant support in your country page. If you are unsure about the suitability of your qualifications or would like help with your application, please contact your nearest regional office for support. If you are a national of any other country you may need a visa to study in the UK. Please see our visas and immigration page for further information. International students who require a Tier 4 Student Visa to progress on a course at Middlesex University must apply for study on a full-time basis.

However, this course is offered part-time so you are eligible to apply on a part-time basis. You must have competence in English language to study with us.


Dissertation Students wishing to pursue a Ph. In this program, students learn how to evaluate and utilize the environment in relation to the needs of the ecosystem and community. Evaluating multi-stakeholder research and development programmes Allen, W. Pascal Haegeli. I also simulate the effectiveness of several individual policies: fuel efficiency standards, a carbon tax, low-carbon fuel standard LCFS , a zero-emissions vehicle ZEV mandate for truck and purchase subsidy. While densification was found to have a modest influence on reducing building emissions, zero-emission building regulations were found to be much more effective, highlighting the importance of energy-switching policy for residential building decarbonization. Use the list well and let us know if you have any comments or suggestions for our topics related blog posts for the future.

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Information about Environmental Management Degrees

PhDs in Environmental Studies & Earth Sciences. Information about Environmental Management Degrees. Environmental management addresses hot topic issues such as global warming, pollution, deforestation, soil erosion, landfills, or depletion of Earth's natural resources. A compilation of environmental management dissertation topics for students to write a great dissertation. Environmental dissertation topics range in diversity.

Funding for research degrees is limited, and most research degree students are expected to pay their own fees and subsistence costs. Study topics may include air quality, environmental chemistry, water management, budget planning, statistics, accounting, and hazardous waste management. Students may choose to focus their research in the areas of urban ecology, ecological toxicology, river and stream ecology, atmospheric physics, watershed hydrology, or ecology of bioinvasions.

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Students gain a number of benefits by pursuing a PhD in Environmental Management. They develop advanced analytical skills as well as problem-solving capabilities.

Thesis tracks - Urban Environmental Management

They also gain effective communication and interpersonal skills in order to manage a team. The cost of an education is often a deterrent for students. However, because this degree can be obtained at a variety of schools, it helps to research all options, including online programs. Some schools also offer financial aid, such as scholarships, student loans, and grants.

Graduates who hold a doctorate in environmental management may choose a career in a variety of areas, depending on their focus of study. Employers typically include federal, state, and local agencies as well as those from the private sector. Common professional titles may be laboratory technologist, field analyst, sustainability specialist, environmental research analyst, ecosystem restoration advisor, sustainable architecture specialist, and environmental management coordinator.

Jobs related to research are also popular with graduates. Use our online database to check out local universities, international schools, and online options to earn your PhD.

Start right now and search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form. The Doctor of Philosophy PhD programme aims to train students in original research in Environmental Science, Policy, and Management, and to cultivate independent, inter We are living in a world facing serious interrelated environmental problems, including climate change, pervasive pollution, reduction in biodiversity, and looming supply constraints for a number of key natural resources.

61 PhD-in-environmental-management positions in Germany

Individually, and especially in combination, these issues pose serious challenges to sustainable development. The Division of Environment has been created to meet such challenges. Our faculty members have diverse backgrounds in science, engineering, business, and social sciences to provide integrated and cutting-edge education and research on global environmental issues and emerging solutions. This is a broad-based research postgraduate programme that embraces a wide spectrum of environmental interests.


It serves as an innovative platform for interdisciplinary research involving scientific, technological, environmental socio-economic and policy challenges With the completion of Ph. Their knowledge and skills can be effectively applied in the field of Environmental Management for research purposes. Also, may find employment in Institutions for environmental protection where they can apply their acquired knowledge into practice.

The purpose of PDGTR is to provide specialized training to develop in students the ability to contribute to the advancement of processes and treatment technologies and wa The purpose of PDGTR is to provide specialized training to develop in students the ability to contribute to the advancement of processes and treatment technologies and waste recovery through creative and independent research.

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The structuring objective is to promote excellence and research in the field of treatment and recovery of waste, with emphasis on the search for new solutions and the corresponding design and modeling, the optimization of existing solutions and the most efficient operation of treatment facilities, as well as the integration of associated technologies, to reduce negative environmental impacts The program in Biodiversity and Conservation is supported by consolidated line The program in Biodiversity and Conservation is supported by consolidated lines and research teams, with high scientific production and training capacity.