How did various groups respond to australias involvement in the vietnam war essay

How Did the Australian Government Respond to the Threat of Communism After Wwii?
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In response, President Bill Clinton ordered American troops to withdraw from Somalia days later, leaving a haven for extremist groups. Half a year later, starting on April 6, , up to one million Rwandans were killed within three months.

1960s America

However, President Clinton decided not to intervene in the genocide out of fear of a repeat incident in Somalia, which becomes one of his biggest regrets. On a visit to Rwanda in , Clinton formally apologized for American inaction. He believes American intervention, albeit marginal, at the beginning of the genocide might have saved as many as , people. In general, the U. In fact, it has been used as a metaphor for almost every single time the U. It is likely that the Vietnam Syndrome will continue to impact American foreign policy for years to come.

Who were U. S Presidents during the Vietnam War? Show us some Love If you've found our articles helpful, please like , comment, share and make a small donation to support our work. Gulf of Tonkin incident.

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Free Essay: Australia's involvement in the Vietnam War was a result of a How did various groups respond to Australia's involvement in the. Free Essay: The Vietnam War which went from to How did various groups respond to Australia's involvement in the Vietnam War?.

Viet Cong establishment. Operation Rolling Thunder. Tet Offensive. Paris Peace Accord.

Indo-China War

Fall of Saigon. Dwight D. An aircraft that was intended to be inexpensive, adaptable, and reliable has become the most expensive in history, and among the hardest to keep out of the shop. The federal official who made the project a symbol of a new, transparent, rigorously data-dependent approach to awarding contracts ended up serving time in federal prison for corruption involving projects with Boeing.

For the record, the Pentagon and the lead contractors stoutly defend the plane and say that its teething problems will be over soon—and that anyway, it is the plane of the future, and the A is an aging relic of the past. We have posted reports here on the A, pro and con, so you can see whether you are convinced. In theory, the F would show common purpose among the military services, since the Air Force, the Navy, and the Marine Corps would all get their own custom-tailored versions of the plane.

Australia's Involvement in the Vietnam War

In fact, a plane designed to do many contradictory things—to be strong enough to survive Navy aircraft-carrier landings, yet light and maneuverable enough to excel as an Air Force dogfighter, and meanwhile able to take off and land straight up and down, like a helicopter, to reach marines in tight combat circumstances—has unsurprisingly done none of them as well as promised. In theory, the F was meant to knit U. In fact, the delays, cost overruns, and mechanical problems of the airplane have made it a contentious political issue in customer countries from Canada and Holland to Italy and Australia.

The country where the airplane has least been a public issue is the United States. Neither man mentioned the F, and I am still looking for evidence that President Obama has talked about it in any of his speeches. In other countries, the F can be cast as another annoying American intrusion. Here, it is protected by supplier contracts that have been spread as broadly as possible.

Cost overruns sound bad if someone else is getting the extra money. They can be good if they are creating business for your company or jobs in your congressional district. In the late s, a coalition of so-called cheap hawks in Congress tried to cut funding for the B-2 bomber.

They got nowhere after it became clear that work for the project was being carried out in 46 states and no fewer than congressional districts of total. The difference between then and now is that in , Northrop, the main contractor for the plane, had to release previously classified data to demonstrate how broadly the dollars were being spread.

Whatever its technical challenges, the F is a triumph of political engineering, and on a global scale. For a piquant illustration of the difference that political engineering can make, consider the case of Bernie Sanders—former Socialist mayor of Burlington, current Independent senator from Vermont, possible candidate from the left in the next presidential race.

In principle, he thinks the F is a bad choice. As Vermont goes, so goes the nation. The next big project the Air Force is considering is the Long Range Strike Bomber, a successor to the B-1 and B-2 whose specifications include an ability to do bombing runs deep into China. A step so wildly reckless that the U.

Politicians say that national security is their first and most sacred duty, but they do not act as if this is so. The most recent defense budget passed the House Armed Services Committee by a vote of 61 to zero, with similarly one-sided debate before the vote. This is the same House of Representatives that cannot pass a long-term Highway Trust Fund bill that both parties support.

He and others said that this deference was one reason so little serious oversight of the military took place. Hammes, a retired Marine Corps colonel who has a doctorate in modern history from Oxford, told me that instead of applying critical judgment to military programs, or even regarding national defense as any kind of sacred duty, politicians have come to view it simply as a teat.

Vietnam War

Hart did so I was part of the group, along with Andrew J. Every White House is swamped with recommendations and requests, and it responds only to those it considers most urgent—which defense reform obviously was not. Romney pointed out that the Navy had fewer ships than it did before World War I. We have these things called aircraft carriers, where planes land on them. We have these ships that go underwater, nuclear submarines. J im Webb is a decorated Vietnam veteran, an author, a former Democratic senator, and a likely presidential candidate.

Webb meant that ambitious officers notice how many of their mentors and predecessors move after retirement into board positions, consultancies, or operational roles with defense contractors. Of course, the modern military advertises itself as a place where young people who have lacked the chance or money for higher education can develop valuable skills, plus earn GI Bill benefits for post-service studies.

The harshest ones came not from people who mistrusted the military but from those who, like Webb, had devoted much of their lives to it. Of course it was the most revered American warrior of the 20th century, Dwight D.

Eisenhower, who warned most urgently that business and politics would corrupt the military, and vice versa. Everyone has heard of this speech. Not enough people have actually read it and been exposed to what would now be considered its dangerously antimilitary views. E very institution has problems, and at every stage of U. But because so small a sliver of the population has a direct stake in the consequences of military action, the normal democratic feedbacks do not work. Nagl told me. Nagl is a West Point graduate and Rhodes Scholar who was a combat commander in Iraq and has written two influential books about the modern military.

He left the Army as a lieutenant colonel and now, in his late 40s, is the head of the Haverford prep school, near Philadelphia. The American public is completely willing to let this professional class of volunteers serve where they should, for wise purpose. This gives the president much greater freedom of action to make decisions in the national interest, with troops who will salute sharply and do what needs to be done.

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I like and respect Nagl, but I completely disagree. Bacevich himself fought in Vietnam; his son was killed in Iraq. Mike Mullen thinks that one way to reengage Americans with the military is to shrink the active-duty force, a process already under way. They would have to be inconvenienced. That would bring America in. And we are paying dearly for that. The vast majority of Americans outside the military can be triply cynical in their attitude toward it.

Charles J. Dunlap Jr. The more exasperated Americans grew about economic and social problems, the more relieved they were when competent men in uniform, led by General Thomas E. Brutus, finally stepped in to take control. Part of the reason for the takeover, Dunlap explained, was that the military had grown so separate from mainstream culture and currents that it viewed the rest of society as a foreign territory to occupy and administer.

What is that situation? People within that military tribe can feel both above and below the messy civilian reality of America. Below, in the burdens placed upon them, and the inattention to the lives, limbs, and opportunities they have lost.

Australians in Vietnam; Photography, art and the war

To many, students on college campuses knew nothing about the true meaning of sacrifice. J im Webb is a decorated Vietnam veteran, an author, a former Democratic senator, and a likely presidential candidate. Cost overruns sound bad if someone else is getting the extra money. Gabbard was strongly against it; some of the Republican veterans were for it—but all of them made arguments based on firsthand observation of what had worked and failed. A lingering question of the war is what might have happened if Eisenhower and Ho had arranged a meeting; possibly, an accord could have been reached, or possibly Ho was simply seeking to limit American involvement, in order to more easily depose the Diem government. Citizens notice when crime is going up, or school quality is going down, or the water is unsafe to drink, or when other public functions are not working as they should. And once again, their mission is to prop up governments that demonstrate no capacity to gain the necessary support of their people.

Above, in being able to withstand hardships that would break their hipster or slacker contemporaries. Gabbard was strongly against it; some of the Republican veterans were for it—but all of them made arguments based on firsthand observation of what had worked and failed.

You should find a way, yourself, to serve.

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For all the differences in their emphases and conclusions, these young veterans are alike in all taking the military seriously, rather than just revering it. The vast majority of Americans will never share their experiences.

The Vietnam War - Why was Australia there?

But we can learn from that seriousness, and view military policy as deserving at least the attention we give to taxes or schools.