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How to Get into Hillsdale College: Average SAT Scores and ACT Scores

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In addition to serving as a course for Hillsdale's cross-country teams, it provides a place for club and intramural sports, mountain biking, cross-country skiing, and general outdoor recreation. Founded in , Hillsdale College is an independent, coeducational, residential, liberal arts colle Perhaps I need a writing course or two at HC I was just trying to point out some questions which might be asked by an Admissions counselor. Students who come from a non-English-speaking country must complete the ACT or SAT to demonstrate proficiency in English as well as academic preparedness. The Strosacker Science Center houses the departments of biology, chemistry, and physics. Ayuda sobre accesibilidad. Foreign language students frequently study abroad in Argentina, France, Germany, and Spain.

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College app essay

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Hillsdale is becoming MUCH more competitive that it has been in the past. Find your passion and grow it!

Admissions Rate: 41.5%

Hillsdale is full of brilliant, passionate students. The "philosophical" leaning they would be looking for is not political, but rather a real passion for obtaining a true liberal arts education. Admissions looks for freshmen warning signs - News. I thought they only had about students total, what I am missing? This also helps to explain why they are pushing for overnight visits and they wanted D a junior to interview. May Those numbers could be correct, because not everyone accepted goes to Hillsdale. Like I'm applying to more colleges than just Hillsdale and if I get accepted into Hillsdale then I'll go there instead of any other colleges that I get accepted into.

Other websites I've seen have said about the same statistics. You joined no club, had no job, played no sport, didn't branch out in your church or community? After reflection, I am wondering what you would bring to any college? Do you have a passion for anything? You say you have political "leanings.

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I think the fact that you haven't participated in anything other than what your school mandated is bad sign. Why don't you have any ECs? And by saying you figure you'll have a job this summer, since you have no ECs, why didn't you have a job for the entire school year? I think that these questions raise red flags and they will definitely come up in an interview.

August Down girl. The kid is seventeen and might just have a life that is a little more complex then you are giving her credit for. Fencersmother: You want to know why I didn't do EC's? First of all I'm not some conformist pig like you very angrily seem to expect me to be.

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It's superficial and superfluous in the grand scheme of things except for entering college. Second of all, I suffered with severe self-esteem issues and social anxiety for the first years of high school so sure I could have participated in a sport. I would have felt extremely humiliated if I didn't play much or score much which would have only made me even more shy around my classmates since I'd feel guilty after every single mistake.

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I never would have had the guts to run for an office because of those issues I had. The only thing that adds value to a human life is Christian behavior. I had to evolve first. Besides that I'm forced to go to a church that only has kids from another school district which would have only worsened my social anxiety while around them since they already had cliques and I knew none of them.

So before you go around portraying my value as a student or a person as completely meaningless due to your irrational and conformist standards maybe you should be a little more open minded and get the story behind the person before you judge him or her. I have not indicated in any way that I participate in any nefarious or dark activities-not even parking or speeding tickets, I'm at the top of my class, and now that I have overcome those issues I am becoming involved.

Hillsdale College

Why would you be so harsh to me? Lewis, I answer as a friend: I advise you to work on growing a thicker skin. You may have overcome burdens in the past, but your post is an overreaction. I understand how fencersmom's comments can be construed as abrasive, but even in the worst possible light she's being no tougher than, well, college admissions counselors specifically, Hillsdale College admissions counselors.

And if you think they're tough, wait until job interviews, especially if Obamanomics keeps on its merry path. You'd do well to explain your history to your admissions counselor, but you will have to work on telling it objectively. The way you tell it here, complete with the word "suffer" Low self-esteem? Severely low self-esteem? Most adults call that puberty. I'm not here to chide you, but if you think the world is going to walk on eggshells and make you feel special when you can't offer up what you are contributing aside from "nonconformity," a value you will seldom hear about outside of high school , you're dreaming.

I did not read judgement in Fencersmother comment. I read it as a question -"how do you spend your non-study time'?

This is what will need to be answered in interviews, either job or college. The typical activities can include sports or church groups, so fencersmother was listing some to help Hillsdalelewis think along those lines. Applicants may overlook some EC's when completing their applications. There are many fine ECs that can be listed that do not include group activites, that are not meaningless and would not contribute to "self-esteem" issues. I know students who became involved with advanced horse training, sent birthday cards to missionary kids living overseas, sent cards to military personnel, translate bios from South America for children in sponsorship programs, wrote book reviews, selected books for the church library There are many more activites that are NOT superficial and that serve to take our minds off ourselves while serving others inside and outside the community.

While these may not be typical, I have to believe they would be better than listing nothing on an application.

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I did not list these to say anyone is terrible if they don't participate in these activities, but to help the non-sports student to think outside the box for EC's and to help them realize that some activities they may already be involved with are important enough to include on applications. These activities give life to an applicant and can be used a conversation starters.

I'm not going to college to contribute anything, if I had that mentality I'd be a liberal and there's no way I'd be going to Hillsdale.