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How to Write a Profile Essay (12222 Guide)

The museum and memorial has helped to establish a new consciousness about the dreadful collective history that has shaped and constructed modern day racial tensions and racial inequality.

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In front of the memorial is a sculpture that shows the horrors of slavery. This is crucial because slavery was the evil that set the rest of the horrors of racial oppression into motion. In the task of setting the record straight, the memorial does not shy away from the fact that slavery was the blight upon humanity that caused the bulk of the pain that black people continued to suffer, decade after decade. The memorial is composed of steel columns, grouped by county. However, as one traverses the memorial, the steel planks begin to rise, until they are dangling overhead like steel tombs.

The steel planks raised above the heads of the spectators directly mimics this fiendish desire and forces one to acknowledge the darkness of the history of the south and the evils that have shaped racial oppression today. On the other hand, the museum uses a host of high-tech tools as a way of portraying the centuries-long enslavement of African Americans and how racial terror via lynchings evolved in response to this dark precedent set by history.

Hence, the very fact that this museum exists in Montgomery is an act of rebellion and a means of offering atonement for the past.

Writing a profile essay

Just as compellingly, the museum is able to transport the spectator back in time with replicas of many environmental relic from this era. Visitors have to look at slave pen reproductions and get to see and hear the experience of being imprisoned while waiting to be sold at auction eji. By forcing visitors to have such vivid experiences of the nightmare of slavery, it creates a heightened state of consciousness about the bloody reality of history in the south and the heinousness of racial oppression.

However, what they know usually just skims the surface of racially motivated violence and oppression. By creating such a visceral experience about the horrors of slavery through the work of the museum, the visitor can increase their empathy for all that black Americans have had to overcome, and reach a better understanding about the challenges of race relations in modern society and the needs of the black community.

The memorial creates a compelling visual representation of the scale and sickening extent of lynchings in the Deep South. It is by looking face to face with the horrors of the past, can we begin to heal and move forward towards a more peaceful future. Thus, one of the benefits of writing a profile essay is that it gives you full license to dig deep and really examine a person, place or thing.

The profile essay sharpens your abilities in shaping a description around one perspective.

This endeavor is valuable to you because it shows you how to fine-tune your portrayal around an over-arching idea. Profile essays help the student better master the subtle art of descriptive coaxing. Our writers have completed hundreds of these types of essays on subjects both popular and obscure. They know what teachers are looking for and the common pitfalls to avoid so you can craft a winning essay. For instance, it could be a police officer, doctor or a firefighter.

Remember to respect your subject. You should be objective during the writing a profile essay. Your emotions could distract you from the important facts. Show your own opinion to the readers. They will know your impression about the subject. Your viewpoint will help the audience to understand your topic better. In the end, a profile essay shows the significance of the person.

Useful tips

Interview the person. Make a list of questions before the interview. Ask the basic questions first: who, why, where, when. Then show why he is interesting. It will be your thesis statement.

Best Advice on How to Write a Profile Essay

You should use a hook to make readers want to read your essay. Divide your body into a few paragraphs. Each paragraph should tell the reader about a new element or detail. Use a topic sentence in the beginning of each paragraph. It should tell the reader the main idea of the paragraph. End your essay with a thoughtful conclusion. Take the most interesting point and then paraphrase them. Add your opinion to summarize your profile essay. Make the readers feeling satisfied by making your essay organized, informative and interesting.

Write your first draft. It can be just notes from your interview. The next step is to complete these notes with details and information, which you have researched and observed. Revise the draft.

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When it came to deciding upon a college to pursue his meteorology degree, Jake was torn between Purdue University and Valparaiso University. Before even learning how to write a profile essay, you need mastery skills on how to begin it. I am a lady of about 60 years of age, and I am a low-class peasant, shown by the behaviour of my son, and how I address him. The profile essay sharpens your abilities in shaping a description around one perspective. Reaction Paper.

Start with exciting sentence. Check that the beginning is interesting for the reader and it pulls him in. You should check your essay for spelling errors.

Profile Essay

Read your work aloud. It will help you to find awkward moments in your profile essay. Did you show a visual portrayal? Ensure that you added physical description.

How to Write a Profile Essay (with Example)

You can put away one or two sentences if you think that it will help the reader to get the main idea better. We hope this article was helpful. As you can see, writing a profile essay is a quiet interesting and difficult task. You should prepare well before writing a profile essay.

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We hope you will manage it. You can also find many interesting and useful things on our site. We can offer you a post-secondary coursework help , Ph.

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A profile essay is a literary work that focuses on description of a person (people, event, or place) and its goal is, first and We can write a profile paper for you. It will prepare you with the basic knowledge of writing your profile essay. . If you' re looking for help with writing a research paper, you can use a few basic rules.

D dissertation help and history homework help. By the way, you can find term paper examples and book report template here. Do you have difficulties with writing a business plan? We can do it for you. You will get a considered business plan based on facts and inferences. It is easy to find a website that writes essays for you but selecting the most reliable one among them should be of utmost importance to you.

Here, you can get a thesis from professional essay writers. It belongs to the category of descriptive essays and contains a description of a particular person or object. It should be written in an accurate, precise manner by putting the accent on details. While reading the essay of this type, a reader should get a feeling that he knows everything about the object described.

Profile Paper Example

A descriptive essay differs from other writing papers by an intense description of minor details and high level of informativity. That is why you should have enough data and knowledge to give a comprehensive presentation.

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Choose your topic. The process of essay creating is difficult and time-consuming so it would be better to work at the engaging theme. Additionally, if you have a chance to choose a topic by yourself, try to touch on a well-covered subject. A narrow topic may have insufficient information, while choosing a too broad one may result in tons of irrelevant data. Plan your essay. When you have a thorough plan of your paper writing, you will cope with unexpected delays and meet a deadline. Your plan should contain all the stages of paper writing.

Planning your academic writing will help you weigh all the pros and cons of your future work and improve it in the initial stage. Get ready for the interview. Prior to interviewing, make a list of questions starting with such interrogative words as who, why, what, etc.