Nature vs nurture essay conclusion

Nature versus Nurture Essay

And the nurturing factors that are considered as influences to human behavior include:. It is not too different from a regular essay and here are few tips yes, finally that can help your draft the Nature vs. Nurture essay quite easily. But one should know that even the smallest academic write-ups require in-depth research. When you have proper knowledge about this particular topic, you can present your views on the debate clearly and precisely. When you are done with your research, you get a clear picture of how you want to present your content in that essay.

So jot down the ideas and thoughts that you wish to put in that essay and create an outline for them. You should know that essays typically contain near about words. Instead, you need to put your views into words in an organized manner. As you may know, the general structure of an essay includes the introduction, the body, and the conclusion.

So, decide what you want to write in each of these sections and then start working on it. The introduction of the essay needs to be interesting so that it can grab the attention of the readers from the beginning. Try writing something catchy or intriguing in the beginning. The introduction must also educate the readers about the purpose of your essay. As you may know, the introduction part introduces the readers to the main content, so take good care while writing this part.

If you want, you can write this part after finishing the body content. In fact, some writers do prefer to write the body in the beginning and them frame the introduction and conclusion accordingly.

This section usually consists of three paragraphs which project your argument on the topic with the support of some concrete evidences. Here you need to describe why you think nature or nurture has been the most influential on the human behavior.

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If you are writing in the support of the nurture theory, you also need to describe the opposing side i. While making your argument, you need to provide information that has been gathered from authentic sources. The research part that we have discussed before will come in handy in this situation.

Tip 5: Include transitional words in between the paragraphs. These transitional words can be used to summarize the argument, clarify information and to add details to the content. This also helps you to make the essay more reader-friendly.

Nature vs. Nurture Essay

In fact, these transitional words keep you from ending a paragraph abruptly and help you maintain a flow in that content. Tip 6: Finish the essay with an appropriate conclusion. Conclusion helps you sum up the essay which, in this case, is more of a debate. You can express a brief about your argument that you have already discussed in the body. Or rest your case by suggesting something that may help your argument establish more firmly in the field of study. If this essay of yours is going to determine your grades, then you must adhere to the standard guidelines of essay writing.

When you are done writing the essay, do some quick revisions of the written content. You may not know, but there can be some grammatical or punctuation error in the essay. Several thorough proofreading sessions can help you isolate those errors which should be fixed immediately.

Also, these revisions can provide you with the opportunity to improve the quality of the essay.

So do proofread your essay before submitting. These and many other questions pop up in the nature vs nurture debate essay. In case of any questions, let our writers know. We are the top academic essay writing service on the web, and we guarantee to create custom papers from scratch for every student in trouble. As you can see, this essay topic is popular. It helps to understand our role in the world and our actions.


It is one of the oldest arguments in the field of psychology. From one side, a student has to talk about the coding of genes and the way it dominates physical traits like the color of eyes, hair, height, weight, etc. On the other side, it is impossible to underestimate the role of environmental factors that are the true origins of human behavior.


The coding of genes in each cell in humans determine the different traits that we have, more physical attributes dominance like ear size, eye colour, , height, hair colour and other traits. Debate Topics. Here we are told that social deprivation at different stages of development can lead to abnormalities in the stress hormone system, which may produce severe and long-lasting physical, neural and psychological consequences. By following this regimen, one is guaranteed of coming with a high-quality essay that moves the relevant body of knowledge forward. Complete Collection.

What are the specific topics to analyze in such paper? Start with the nature definition and nurture definition as shown in the examples below. Keep on reading to discover more tips. The main difference between these phenomena is that the first element stands for the inherited skills while the second one is about personal skills.

It means nurture is free of heredity impact.

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In the primary case, we deal with the genes identified by the physical and personal qualities. What is an innate behavior and which one is learned? That is what a student should explain in the nature vs nurture debate. One more good question is whether a nature vs nurture essay outline is similar to the structure of the ordinary essay or not? Find out in the next section! The structure of the outline and entire paper depends on whether you write a nature and nurture essay or research paper.

Essay Sample: Nature versus Nurture

Stick to this plan:. It is a structure of a 5-paragraph essay on nature vs nurture. How about a research paper on the same topic? Here you go:. You can find more information on writing research papers in one of our blog posts. In the paper, provide a short description of the definitions and their significance. Illustrate the relevant observations that are part of the explored terms.

Nature vs Nurture Essay Example

To make your life easier, we will provide some of the nature vs nurture essay ideas divided into subcategories. It will speed up the pre-writing process! To make a student understand the main point of this essay, we recommend observing some free nature vs nurture examples written by the academic essay writers.

We have prepared several nature vs nurture examples from various categories. Choose the one you like the best to serve as your template. What is the meaning of each? Nature explains the way we are through the scope of genes and hereditary factors. Nurture explains the way a human behaves or feels based on the environmental variables such as childhood experience, treatment, care, relations with surrounding society, and culture.

Various psychologists try to prove which factor is more important. The experts in the field of biology support the first theory as they believe in the role of genetics and biological influences.

Those who study behaviorism think that the second factor matters more.